Bringing sector specific insurance into the digital fold

Not every insurance sector fits neatly into a pre-prepared box. The Acturis system and approach is designed to meet that challenge and facilitate the digital trading of the industry’s more unique risks.

It’s not what you do that matters, it’s how you do it

Digital trading is part and parcel of today’s industry but we don’t believe its benefits should be restricted to standard segments of business. Every type of insurance, no matter how obscure or niche, can benefit from digital trading and we make it our business to make that principle a reality.

The specialist’s specialist

Acturis has built more targeted solutions for more specialist providers than any other software house

Our expertise matches our ambition

Whether it’s insolvency, real estate, healthcare or parametrics, we have the expertise and the ambition to deliver the solution you need

We make everything simple

Acturis has 20 years’ experience of taking the complicated and making it simple, digitally

No challenge declined

In over 20 years of trading, we’ve yet to be confronted with a product we can’t streamline. Try us…

Digitising unique risks

Not only standard types of insurance can benefit from digital trading.  Your business sector can take advantage of a digital shift as much as any other – here are some ideas of solutions we’ve delivered.

Managing hundreds, sometimes thousands, of property risks on a spreadsheet is hugely time consuming and allows too much room for error.

The Acturis approach to real estate streamlines your real estate portfolio process, producing end client and managing agent summary documents, tenant certificates, debits and billing for individual units or tenants, creating a clear and concise audit trail. The security and accuracy you need in one system.

Whether it’s issuing enabling and specific insolvency bonds or insuring the assets being managed, the Acturis system can help you manage your workload and maintain a clear and concise view of every new case added or released as it happens.

And as our system is integrated with the Turnkey insolvency system, your admin time is reduced while your accuracy is vastly improved.

Employee Benefits is fast becoming an integral element of more and more businesses’ insurance requirements. But too often brokers’ commercial and healthcare offerings aren’t integrated in the same way.

So we did something about that. Acturis Employee Benefits isn’t a discreet offering – it’s built into your existing commercial offering to provide a seamless experience for you and your clients.

One of the most exciting but perhaps least understood sectors of the market, Parametric insurance promises to play an increasingly important role in the market.

But key to its success is automation and that’s where Acturis comes in. Our fully integrated platform, with access to countless data sets, can make the right call on your behalf and deliver payment before you even know a claim has been triggered.

The leisure insurance market has been somewhat neglected in the drive towards digitisation, but we love it and are determined to give it the platform it deserves.

That platform is Acturis so whether you are insuring caravans and pleasure craft or holiday homes and camping sites, we can digitise your products, build your website and integrate it into aggregator sites to ensure that your products and services reach the widest leisure audience possible.

Whether it’s something off the shelf or something completely new, we can work with you to create an innovative solution that will streamline your offering and bring the benefits of digital trading into your niche area. So, why not get in touch and give us a chance to prove what we can do for you?

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