Tailored tech for MGAs

MGAs are pretty unique, so we adapted our system to provide functionality specifically designed for this sector, building products and solutions for MGAs large and small, local and global.

Connecting MGAs to more brokers than any other system

Instant access to the UK’s largest online commercial broker marketplace combined with two decades of experience building the market’s best e-trade products.

Our marketplace

Access to the largest commercial broker marketplace in the country

Our approach

We work with you to design an integrated, flexible system that connects you with your target markets while taking care of the back office so you can focus on trading

Our appetite

Our fully configurable system can be tailored to the largest and the smallest of operators

Our products

We build everything from simple one-cover products to complex, multi-faceted risks. Whatever it is, we can probably build it.

The complete package

The breadth of our offering is what makes us different. Acturis is more than a software system – it’s a new way of working.

Flexibility and adaptability are the watchwords for any modern business and the Acturis system delivers both to all our users. Our full quote and buy portal is just the start – our growing suite of customer service mobile apps give your customers more and more control over their interactions with you. And you can also build your own digital journey, tailored to your clients, to give them the same seamless Acturis experience that you enjoy every day.

We made our name building e-trade products and digital markets and we’ve never really stopped. But the way we do it is different. We build, host and distribute products across multiple channels from a single product instance to give you the underwriting control and distribution opportunities you need.

Combining sound underwriting principles with speed of delivery is paramount in today’s market. This is why Acturis offers a fully automated underwriting solution, combining the latest technology and functionality in both personal and commercial lines.

The single, full-cycle solution links brokers, affinity partners, direct insurers and aggregators covering everything from simple e-trade to complex underwriting.

Claims are the moment of truth for insurance which is why they are central to our platform. It links the claim to the policy, provides flexibility in the capture of the data which can be segmented by claim type, delegated authority or contact.

Getting the right policy, with the right info at the right time to customers is pretty crucial. With our fully integrated back-office administration you can provide your customers with full cycle policy management and real-time policy information that is accurate and quick.

While consistency of features and service is core to the functioning of online trading, we know that every user has their own needs. Which is why we will configure your system to what you want, whatever that may be. From bespoke documents and dashboards to new clients and markets – we have the flexibility you need to create the business you want.

Being compliant and being able to evidence compliance are two very different things. Our system is designed to support and show your regulatory compliance using workflows, providing audit trails, securing personal data and making client money calculations. Everything you need to help you stay on the right side of rules.

You’re only ever really as good as the data you hold, and our suite of configurable reports and dashboards let you make the most of it by providing a detailed, analytical view of any part of your business at any moment in time.

Cash flow is the lifeblood of any firm and getting the accounting wrong can cripple a business. The Acturis system allows you to manage debts and payments, maintain client and office bank accounts, profit and loss, budgets and balance sheets. Everything you need to keep the machine moving.

Automation promises to finally deliver the efficiency the insurance sector has longed for and we’ve spent years making that promise a reality. Our configurable automation module gives your business the power to free your people from the tyranny of admin. Acturis has a huge range of automation capabilities to increase efficiency, such as automated document delivery and simplified call centre policy processes.

AI is no longer the future, it is very much the present and as you’d expect, Acturis is at the forefront. Whether that is improving underwriting processes or facilitating upselling, our focus is to take our users on the AI journey with us.

No risk left uncovered

The market’s leading MGA brands trust Acturis

Keeping you connected

Modern underwriting takes more than experience and expertise – it requires huge amounts of data in order to price and compete effectively.

We link to all the third-party data sources you need – from Flood Re and Cytora to Experian and Lexis Nexis. Our SaaS approach means we’re always connecting to more and more datasets to ensure you have all the detail you need to underwrite in the way you want.

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Acturis in the public eye

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14th May 2021
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21st February 2020
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