Transforming general insurance globally

We don’t just connect markets, we create them. To be more efficient, effective and profitable for everyone involved.

Turning your ambitions
into reality into success

Acturis is a fully integrated, cloud-based platform designed to ensure that the tech is always working for you, not the other way around.

From e-trading to claims management and client prospecting to international trading – whatever it is you want for your business or wherever you want to take it, Acturis is the only system that can provide you with the support you need to realise those ambitions.

Technology as strategy

Our technology is more than a tool. It’s a fundamental driver of business strategy, evolving, adapting and supporting as a business develops.

A digital community

When we talk about the Acturis community, we mean it. User input always has and always will play a fundamental role in the development of the platform.

Striving for more

We never stand still. We’re continually investing in and enhancing the platform to ensure our users always have the competitive edge they need.

It’s all yours

Flexibility is central to the Acturis system – from configuring your own personalised system to facilitating flexible working.

Making Acturis work for you

Software in insurance has a mixed track record, often increasing, rather than reducing, the workload. We created Acturis on the basis that whatever the tech and whatever its application, it had to improve the business experience.

Since day one, we have been doing the hard work behind the scenes to allow our clients to focus on what is most important – running their business in the most efficient and effective way possible.

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The complete package

The breadth of our offering is what makes us different. Acturis is more than a software system – it’s a new way of working.

Even the best insurance software system in the world would be useless if it didn’t plug its users directly into the market. Acturis has an incredibly broad and deep panel of insurers trading on our system every day. This means our brokers have access to the latest insurer products and rating hubs they could need. And what’s more, ours is the only system that can do this for both personal and commercial lines.
Flexibility and adaptability are the watchwords for any modern business and the Acturis system delivers both to all our users. Our full quote and buy portal is just the start – our growing suite of customer service mobile apps give your customers more and more control over their interactions with you. And you can also build your own digital journey, tailored to your clients, to give them the seamless Acturis experience that you enjoy every day.
We made our name building e-trade products and digital markets and we’ve never really stopped. But the way we do it is different. We build, host and distribute products across multiple channels from a single product instance to give you the underwriting control and distribution opportunities you need.
Turning prospects into clients is never easy so we designed our system to help you at every stage. From early prospecting right through to the sale and beyond, you can track your performance, identify opportunities and act upon them. And with our mobile app, you can manage those crucial client relationships wherever you may be.
Re-keying has been an issue for brokers for years, so we thought we’d get rid of it. The Acturis system re-uses data across all document types and allows you to generate branded documents, emails and SMS automatically, all of which is held in your integrated document management facility.
Getting the right policy, with the right info at the right time to customers is crucial. With our fully integrated back-office administration you can provide your customers with full-cycle policy management and real-time policy information that is accurate and quick.
The way we work has changed forever with flexible, mobile working a basic expectation. The Acturis system allows your people to take the office with them, wherever they may be, whatever device they may use. And as it is a standard expectation, we’ve made it a standard feature.
You’re only ever really as good as the data you hold, and our suite of configurable reports and dashboards let you make the most of it by providing a detailed, analytical view of any part of your business at any moment in time.
Claims are the moment of truth for insurance which is why they are central to our platform. It links the claim to the policy, provides flexibility in the capture of the data which can be segmented by claim type, delegated authority or contact.
Cash flow is the lifeblood of any firm and getting the accounting wrong can cripple a business. The Acturis system allows you to manage debts and payments, maintain client and office bank accounts, profit and loss, budgets and balance sheets. Everything you need to keep the machine moving.
Automation promises to finally deliver the efficiency the insurance sector has longed for and we’ve spent years making that promise a reality. Our configurable automation module gives your business the power to free your people from the tyranny of admin. Acturis has a huge range of automation capabilities to increase efficiency such as automated document delivery and simplified call centre policy processes.
Being compliant and being able to evidence compliance are two very different things. Our system is designed to support and show your regulatory compliance using workflows, providing audit trails, securing personal data and making client money calculations. Everything you need to help you stay on the right side of rules.
AI is no longer the future, it is very much the present and as you’d expect, Acturis is at the forefront. Whether that is improving underwriting processes or facilitating upselling, our focus is to take our users on the AI journey with us.

Tech moves at breakneck speed – take your eye off the ball for a second and you’re lost. That’s why we reinvest around 20% of our revenue back into the system every year. So, whatever your needs or wherever your business goes, you can be sure you’re supported by the latest technology.

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Pulling it all together

Successfully delivering on your business strategy takes more than a software system. It takes a platform that helps you knit together all the tools, all the data sources and all the functionality you need to deliver the best level of service in the most cost-effective, profitable way you can. Which is why the Acturis system has been created with internal and external integration built in.

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Safety first

Acturis has security and compliance hard-wired into it. It’s one of the main reasons we are the system of choice for the UK’s largest and leading insurers, brokers and MGAs, all backed up by independent audit and accreditations, like PCI DSS and SOC1 ISAE 3402.

Our lights are always on

What has made Acturis stand out from the beginning is our Software-as-a-Service approach. By hosting everything we do in a private cloud, we have the scale to provide a secure platform that evolves as market dynamics demand. Our approach means:

  • Continuous updates and improvements with zero disruption
  • The highest levels of security available
  • Redundancy and failover systems to deliver near-100% availability

How we work with you

Joining the Acturis community

Whether you are an insurer, broker or MGA… A start-up or a multinational firm… Implementing a full system or building an e-trade product… Whoever you are or whatever your needs, our approach is the same – supportive, collaborative and, above all, effective.

Is Acturis the right choice for you?

We’re not here to sell software systems – we’re here to help deliver your strategy. While we love growing our business, we will only do that if it’s right for you and right for us.

So, before we get going with a build, we always sit down with prospective clients to understand their needs, motivations and strategic direction to determine whether or not we think the Acturis system can help.

And if we don’t think it’s going to be a good match, we’ll let you know. Because your success is our success.

Let’s get going

Once we have agreed that we’re a good fit, we won’t waste any time in getting you live. But there are some important steps we need to go through, together, before we get into the exciting stuff.

We will work with you to understand the scope of the project, plan out each step of the process and provide you with a dedicated project manager to ensure that everything happens as it should, when it should.

Implementing your solution

This is where we get down to the detail – this is where we start rolling out the solution that will deliver your strategy.

While we need your insight every step of the way, this is where our decades of expertise really come into play. Everything from business-specific configuration and process optimisation to documentation and product activation takes place here. And of course, if you are migrating from a legacy platform, we’ll do the heavy lifting.

Go live!

While much of the hard work will already have been done by this point, we want you to get the most out of the Acturis system. So, we provide full training and support for all your users, before and after launch, to make sure everything is working as it should.

As you adapt to your new world, our expert support teams are always on hand to make sure that your introduction to Acturis is plain sailing. And of course, you will always have your dedicated account manager on hand.

We don’t just build it and go – we continuously work with our community of users to make sure that Acturis remains the software provider of choice for the general insurance market.

Moving to Acturis will be the best business decision you ever make.

Our community of users are the reason we exist. Their experience and feedback push our system ever onwards. Without them, we’d be half as effective. But together, we’re creating the markets of the future.

Partners&: When goals align

Supporting strong ambitions with a structured platform

As an ambitious firm, Partners& were aware that technology is at the heart of every business. So, they needed a structured, end-to-end application designed for the broking sector with the breadth of functionality and capability to give them headroom to continually improve and scale their business operations.