Introducing our new AI and Machine Learning tool: Acturis Predict

Acturis, the leading insurance technology provider, has announced the launch of Acturis Predict, bringing the power of AI and machine learning into the Acturis Application.

Following award-winning projects with insurer partners in recent years, Acturis’ Data Science Team has put significant investment into the first AI tool to be integrated into the Acturis SaaS platform. The development promises to give brokers the benefits of the latest machine learning technologies in a seamless and practical way.

Acturis Predict has launched with two different AI models, together designed to help win and retain business; Product Cross Sell and Propensity to Renew. Whether using Product Cross Sell suggestions to drive organic growth across the client base, or using Propensity to Renew to focus the efforts of renewal teams where it is needed, direct action can be taken from the AI insights. This makes the adoption and impact of AI simple to realise for every broker.

Acturis’ AI models also provide supporting information and reasons to help brokers understand why the AI has come to the conclusion it has. This can give context and confidence in the insights the AI is producing, giving transparency and demystifying the technology.

The core goal for Acturis is to deliver digital transformation for our customers, and so we constantly invest and develop new tools to deliver the most benefit and efficiency we can. We are therefore delighted to bring Acturis Predict into our SaaS platform, and are excited to see the impact they have for our brokers.”

Tony Goddard, CEO of Acturis Platform

Acturis Predict is the result of countless hours of research, analysis, development, and client testing. I am proud of our launch AI models, and I can’t wait to see the benefits they bring to our customers. Cross sell and Propensity to Renew are just the start, and we are already working on the next set of machine learning models that will bring actionable insights to brokers.

Gordon Jenkins, Data Science Manager at Acturis

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Introducing our new AI and Machine Learning tool: Acturis Predict