Partners&: When goals align

Starting from the foundations

Born with the vision to be the best advisory business in the UK, Partners& were formed from the combination of five existing brokers who teamed up to launch an intermediary providing specialist insurance, employee benefits, risk management and claims advice to businesses and individuals.

As an ambitious firm, Partners& were aware that technology is at the heart of every business. So, they needed a structured, end-to-end application designed for the broking sector with the breadth of functionality and capability to give them headroom to continually improve and scale their business operations.

But, most importantly, they required a true partner, one that would share their vision — to be best of breed. And they knew that Acturis, as a market leader, was the go-to option. Our aligned ambition to be best in market was the foundation of a successful partnership; one that drives both parties forwards.

Acturis brought to the table a robust, secure platform with unparalleled functionality and over 20 years of technical know-how. Partners& brought decades of industry expertise, innovative thinking and ambition. A promising match.

Data structure is key

To ensure this match would come to fruition, we worked closely with Partners& from the start to comprehend their plans and priorities and ensure the system configuration would be futureproofed.

Initially, focus was set on data structure. Good quality, consistent data can leverage competitive advantage and the broker was conscious of that.

At a foundational level, the Acturis solution has allowed Partners& to migrate all businesses onto a common platform giving them the ability to efficiently re-structure the business. The new architecture has facilitated a “single version of the truth” and an invaluable access to and re-usability of data.

At the same time, the intermediary sought a solution with strong reporting capabilities. And the Acturis reporting tool allows them to pinpoint opportunities and risks at every level and allocate the necessary tasks and resources to respond effectively. In other words, our reports can tell them what exactly is going on in their business, helping them make informed decisions. 

The system is so functionally rich that we are still gaining benefits from implementing functionality in areas that were not critical for go-live, enabling ongoing process improvement.

— Campbell McClean, Chief Technology & Operations Officer at Partners&

Customer service and connectivity

From a customer service perspective, Partners& have made the most out of Acturis using the customer relationship management (CRM) components which, additionally to consistency of data, have brought them important cost benefits, by allowing them to switch off three legacy CRM platforms.

A single, comprehensive view of each customer means that account executives can immediately understand the customer requirements and needs, and subsequently have a more productive conversation with them. And using Acturis Mobile, client-facing colleagues manage customers on the go and update risk details in real time, which helps them deliver first-class customer service.

Of course, market connectivity has been crucial.

The market-leading breadth of e-trade products and risk capture structure available on Acturis has been invaluable to Partners&, giving them substantial flexibility on what they are able to offer to their customers.

Data enrichment is another key driver for the business. Integration with third parties ensures the quality and accuracy of their clients’ information, by connecting with data providers in the insurance industry and the wider world. This provides Partners& staff all the tools required to offer the very best customer service.

A true partnership

But, it doesn’t end there.

Partners& keep on moving quickly in the market to set the markers ahead of themselves. In this journey, they have our continued support with regular meetings and engagement at all levels.

And as the company evolves, the Acturis system evolves with them. We allow Partners& to focus on running the business and keeping their customers satisfied, while our team is always on hand to make sure they have everything they need to keep growing. This level of commitment and collaboration is testament to the right partnership.

“Our requirements are answered well and in detail. It’s the right relationship at all levels”, Campbell concludes.

Collaboration is two-way. We’re excited to see how we can add mutual value to our businesses over the next few years.

— Campbell McClean, Chief Technology & Operations Officer at Partners&