Support Analyst

Dominic’s Acturis journey

The recruitment process

Just after I graduated from university in 2018, the recruitment agency for Acturis contacted me about a job opportunity that they thought I would be a great match for. The process was so fast that, at the start of that week I had never even heard of Acturis and by the end of the week I had an official start date for my accepted job there!

I never even considered working in the software industry or insurance sector, as I didn’t have a great deal of experience working on computers and didn’t know much about programming. Acturis were very accommodating to my needs, as I wanted to enjoy the rest of my summer before starting full time work, so delayed my start date until October.

The first weeks

Back then the training week was conducted solely in the London office, so I had travel down to London and stay there for the week. I didn’t really know what to expect at all. To say I was nervous before and during the induction week would be an understatement, given it was my first proper job and I had travelled over 100 miles to be there!

I found the first half of the week very challenging and overwhelming, which is inevitable when you are being introduced to lots of completely new concepts and information about an application that you’ve never seen before. The second half of that week was a lot more enjoyable, as I got to meet people in my team and shadow them as they worked, to gauge what my day to day work would be like. Overall, the training weeks are organised really well and it was an extremely valuable experience.

Over the next few weeks, I would continue to be trained at a slower, more in depth rate by my colleagues at the Birmingham office, which allowed me to get to know everyone who I would be seeing on a daily basis and settle in nicely.

The environment

Most people at Acturis join soon after graduating and no one has prior experience of their specific role beforehand, so everyone has been in the same boat. That is one of the reasons why the working environment is so relaxed.

Everyone is so friendly and happy to help because they know that you will have lots of questions, which encourages you to ask questions and further your knowledge regularly. There’s so many great people at Acturis and you end up getting to know lots of them across your team, as well as the other teams.

The role

There are so many different teams within Acturis that handle the various aspects of the platform, so the roles differ completely between teams and even within them.

The company’s structure allows you to progress to positions which involve more of the aspects of the job that you enjoy and compliment/further your skills.

I’ve been on the Helpdesk since I started in 2018, but since then I’ve moved to a different subunit within the Helpdesk and my daily responsibilities have changed a lot over my time here because of that.

I now manage several projects at a time for our newest clients and deal with them directly, meeting them in person to run workshops and leading conference calls on a regular basis, which I thoroughly enjoy. I have also conducted lots of the new joiner induction training sessions, which I volunteered to do, as I enjoy interacting directly with people and teaching others.

Throughout my time at Acturis, I’ve worked many first line shifts where we help our clients directly, over the phone and over our web chat service, with any problems they encounter or questions that they have. This can be challenging at times as it puts you on the spot and really tests your problem solving skills, but it’s always satisfying to help someone by answering a tricky question or fixing their problem over the phone!

A great experience

Working for Acturis has really helped me develop key skills that I use in everyday life now and I’ll always be grateful for the experiences and opportunities that have been presented to me during my time here.

I have relished my time at Acturis and am so thankful that I answered that phone call from the recruitment agent. I’ve enjoyed every aspect of the job, which has made the last 2 years fly by, and I can’t wait to see where the company takes me next.