Lead Technical Business Analyst

Katy’s Acturis journey

Career development

I joined Acturis in 2015 and couldn’t have asked for a better career and set of opportunities. I started out as a Technical Support Analyst, which helped me build a foundation of knowledge across all areas of the Acturis software, increasing my confidence and technical abilities.

After developing into a valued member of the support team, I was then asked to interview for a more technical role. This ended up having the perfect combination of technical challenges as well as maintaining the customer facing elements that I had so far enjoyed.

As a Technical Business Analyst, my role is focused around building technical requirements with Insurers and implementing those solutions, however I also experience a much wider range of skills such as project management, training and sales.

More recently I have taken on the product architect role for a large client project, where I am responsible for the technical design and coordination of the multiple product implementations within it. It was great to have been trusted with such an important project and fine tune my organisational and managerial skills.

Mentoring and managing

Outside of my client work, mentoring and managing people is a big part of my role.

As the Specialty team expanded, I started mentoring a new joiner, and then another, until I was directly managing 3 people, as well as helping 2 of these further mentor someone else. This was another fulfilling and rewarding part of my job, adding further variety to my day.

Eventually, as other senior members changed roles and moved up themselves, I became second in command to the unit, helping with unit management tasks and becoming a valued source of Specialty knowledge. Now, as my boss takes her maternity leave, I have taken sole management of the Specialty unit.