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Comprehensive end to end insurance solution

CRM, Policy administration, Underwriting, Claims, Accounting and MI in one configurable, integrated solution

Market leading e-trade

Pioneer of e-trade, Acturis remains the market leader in product and panel availability

Secure, reliable, robust, hosted SaaS solution

Acturis SaaS platform provides full resilience, back up and disaster recovery, with a track record second to none

Integrated MI suite

Acturis includes a fully integrated reporting system including over 300 prebuilt reports which can be tailored to your specific requirements

Integrated communications

Acturis supports seamless branded document, email and SMS production, distribution and storage

Integrated web facilities

Acturis is the provider for the industry's leading extranet solutions, with seamless, real time back office integration as standard

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Adler Insurance Brokers, a long-term client of Acturis and a specialist in construction risks, property and business insurance, wanted to update their existing Acturis Client Service Portal to allow both potential and existing customers to buy policies online. In a competitive market, Adler wanted a feature rich, mobile friendly solution to best serve their clients.


Acturis provided Adler with an industry-leading quote and buy website, later upgrading and integrating their client service portal functionality into the site to provide maximum benefit to all of their customers. The new website allowed Adler to provide their clients (both existing and new) with a panel of insurer quotes, integrated payment, claims reporting, online documentation and much more, presented in an Adler branded website incorporating mobile and tablet support as standard.



In September 2007, LV= selected Acturis as its technology partner for its Commercial Lines Broker Division. At the time LV= were starting their Commercial Lines operation and the premium transacted by the division was zero.


Part of the success of the division has been developing a strong partnership with Acturis. This has allowed LV= to exploit new possibilities using e-commerce and allowed them to move aggressively into Commercial Lines. The multi-channel solution consists of the following key areas:

  • Suite of full cycle products on Acturis
  • Integrated Call Centres & Branches
  • Integrated Web Extranet
  • Integrated Broker Software Houses
  • Integration of Bordereaux
  • LV= Landlord Direct distribution


AXA is one of the largest General insurers in the UK.  At the end of 2010, as part of their strategic plan, AXA began to accelerate their digital multi channel distribution programme in SME Commercial Lines. This included the development and hosting of a portfolio of commercial lines etrade products and the delivery of these products:

  • Through a market leading broker extranet for commercial lines;
  • To all the leading broker software houses in the UK market
  • Creating the flexibility to deliver a selection of these products in a white label capacity for Affinity/White Label deals

The pace and digital trajectory AXA set out to achieve, meant that many of the delivery timelines were under 9 months – significantly quicker that previous deliverables.


AXA and Acturis approached the strategy using the Acturis SaaS platform to expedite delivery of the solution using dedicated teams at both AXA and Acturis.  The initial solution was successfully launched within 4.5 months in February 2012 (“AXA Connect”) and a series of further enhancements followed quickly thereafter including: the addition of more commercial products to the solution such as Fleet, Commercial Combined and Professional Indemnity; and the expansion of channels to include integration to all leading software houses in the UK market. At all times the team utilised Acturis’ expertise and understanding of the software house market and developed a practical approach aimed at making use of existing infrastructure and functionality and ‘not reinventing the wheel’.

ICB Group


ICB Group is ranked amongst the top 20 Independent brokers in the UK. With a diverse book of business and services they need a back office system they can rely on, with the flexibility to allow them to manage their business effectively. Customer service and long term excellent working relationships are key to their success.


ICB Group have used the Acturis solution for 10 years with great success. The flexibility to move with the times and push the boundaries of technology have enabled ICB to take full advantage of this to deliver an unrivalled service to their customers. Acturis’ ability to migrate acquisitions seamlessly aids the consolidation of purchased business to maximise the potential of the acquired business.

Martinez and Partners


Following a sustained period of growth for the business, M&P Insurance Solutions had a need to modernise and standardise their technology. A flexible solution with the scalability to assist continued growth was essential. The ability to migrate information form their previous bespoke solution was also key to the success of any technology change.


Following detailed analysis of the existing M&P solution Acturis managed a full migration to the new platform. A full data migration enabled the redesign of client facing documentation and additional efficiency and automation to be introduced to the business. Integration of post code functionality, secure credit card processing and premium finance streamlined the customer journey to pass the system benefits on to the brokers customers.



Established more than 30 years ago, BPW is one of the largest independent insurance brokers based in South Wales. A specialist in commercial insurance, it provides cover for a broad range of risks including Motor Trade, Fleet, Liability, and Property Owners. BPW had a long term relationship with their previous provider which had resulted in multiple manual processes through the years.


Acturis provided a seamless migration from BPW’s previous provider enabling them to embrace the additional risk data capture processes available through Acturis. Adoption of integrated e-trading and automated document production has seen significant efficiency gains within the business.



After a number of years with their previous software provider Wrightsure were looking for a partner who could provide a modern technology solution to increase efficiency and enhance customer communications through full risk data capture and structured documentation. Access to integrated e-trade products to reduce double keying could also increase efficiency.


Through the Acturis Software as a Service solution Wrightsure now have an industry leading Policy Administration system allowing full risk capture on all risks from micro SME to complex commercial haulage fleets. Access to the largest panel of e-trade products and insurers allows their staff to focus more time on large more complex risks where Wrightsure specialise, whilst providing a first class service to the SME sector.



QBE wanted a partner who could bring their experience and expertise in SME etrade solutions to provide an industry leading offering across multiple channels to help them achieve their ambitions within the sector.


Acturis worked with QBE to create a suite of etrade products that could be distributed across the market through multiple channels including the FastFlow extranet, Acturis and I-market. Integrated referral processes enabled QBE to lead the way in accommodating business that would not traditionally be e-tradable.



NIG needed a solution to allow them to trade with their brokers in the most efficient way, regardless of channel or software provider. The ideal solution would show a demonstrable increase in efficiency, reducing costs, time and errors. Their aim was to become the market leading proposition in commercial e-trade.


Acturis created a multi-channel distribution solution with a single instance of each product being distributed to Acturis users, an industry leading extranet and third party software houses via i-market and Acturis Connect. The project was delivered on time and budget and saw 90% of NIG’s extranet users migrate voluntarily within the first 3 months.



Following a number of acquisitions and with ambitious growth plans Alan & Thomas needed a system that would allow them to consolidate their existing business whilst giving them the flexibility and scalability to grow their business both organically and through further acquisition.


Acturis migrated an initial 70 users across four branches in to a single multi-office Acturis entity. Individual accounting offices for US Dollars and Euros allows Alan & Thomas to efficiently manage their UK and overseas business on a single platform whilst giving them the flexibility to continue their expansion.

NPA Insurance Group


NPA Insurance Broking Group sought a single platform to consolidate their business across multiple sites from a number of legacy platforms. Data and process efficiency were key factors to drive their business growth.


Acturis provided a solution for both Commercial and Personal lines business including migrations from three legacy systems in to a single instance with consistent data, processes and documentation. The extensive adoption of e-trade has further enhanced the business benefits of using Acturis.

Lark Logo


Lark Group, one of the UK’s top 40 insurance brokers were looking to modernise their Commercial business processes to drive efficiency and maximise the benefits available through e-trade and process automation. Reducing duplication whilst retaining a recognisable brand, focussed on traditional customer service and value, to build a lasting relationship with both customers and business partners was key. Having worked with their previous provider for a number of years Lark sought a partner with a clear vision of the future and a similar ethos, focussed on experience, professionalism and integrity.


Following an extensive dialogue, Acturis worked closely with Lark throughout the tender process to establish the maximum benefits that could be provided to the broker through best use of a broking system whilst establishing that Acturis was the ideal fit for their business. Key to the success of the transition was the extended implementation and roll out process across Lark’s locations to minimise the impact on the day to day operation of the business.

Thomas Carroll Logo


After 30 years of using their previous legacy system, Thomas Carroll Group sought a partner who could provide a modern solution for their entire Insurance and Risk Management business with a proven track record and a continual program of investment and a clear roadmap of future development. Migration of the legacy data would be key to the efficiency a new system could bring.


Following an extensive selection process, Thomas Carroll selected Acturis to provide an end to end solution for the Insurance and Risk Management divisions. A full migration of clients, policies, claims and risk information for both commercial and personal lines business minimised the business interruption and enable Thomas Carroll Group to realise efficiencies faster after the switchover process. Acturis successfully migrated and supported over 100 users across 4 locations in a single go-live.