Senior Technical Business Analyst

Emmalene’s Acturis journey

How it started

I joined Acturis around two and a half years ago, freshly graduated and looking to put my problem-solving skills to use! A recruiter reached out to me and, although I had never imagined insurance would be part of my career path, I quickly saw that this company would be a great fit for me.

Being a new joiner was a short period of intense learning that combined focused training on the Acturis system with more general technical skills, fully supported by my new team. Although challenging, it was a great experience getting to know people at a similar age – and many with a similar background.

Looking back, I can’t believe how much information I could retain and apply after such a short time! I joined one of the smaller teams and saw immediately that there were strong friendships and an encouraging atmosphere, despite the team being split across the London and Birmingham offices.

Professional development

The greatest aspect of working for Acturis is that you never stop learning and developing your skills – the limit depends on how much you’re willing to make of it, rather than the resources available. I’ve discovered a particular interest in the valuable life skills of time optimisation and project planning, with many opportunities to implement and refine these in daily work life.

There are not only tailored training sessions to start your journey, but you can sign up for further training on skills such as these to support your growth in the company and as a person.

Just under one year in, I was offered the chance to lead the multi-phase build of a significant project with support from my colleagues across the company. I am grateful that Acturis gave me this responsibility, encouraging the skills and confidence boost that came with it.


Navigating this period was made possible through the regular review process that highlighted key strengths and weaknesses along with the support of those around me. My efforts did not go unnoticed, followed by an acceleration along the Acturis career path.

Being a Technical Business Analysts has given me access to a varying mix of technical problem solving, client communication, internal process development and leadership opportunities.

All this in just two and a half years – it feels like a great start to life after Uni!