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Why would I want to change software systems?

In the software world, what was once cutting-edge technology can quickly become obsolete if it is not regularly and consistently updated. It is a problem many tech providers have to deal with which is why when we created Acturis, we did so on a SaaS…

How much does it cost?

It really depends on what you want from the system. We are competitively priced and our modular approach means we will tailor our platform to your needs.

How is the implementation process managed?

Putting any software system in place is a pretty complex process but our teams are set up to support and guide you throughout the process from concept to your go-live date.

What support do I get after implementation?

We have a large support team, based in the UK, who are always on hand and ready to deal with anything you might throw at them. We just want to make sure that our system provides the business support you need, and our support teams…

How is the ongoing relationship managed?

Getting you live is only the start. Adapting to the system and making the most of it is just as important as the implementation. So once you are up and running, we will provide you with an account manager who will be on hand to…

How does training work?

We have a dedicated training team that works with all our clients and they are supplemented by a host of training resources available through the system and regular workshops attended by users just like you.

Do I need to know a lot about IT in order to use Acturis?

We know our clients are business experts, not IT specialists, so we don’t expect you to have a deep knowledge of software systems – that’s what we’re for.

What are the expectations from me and my team?

It really differs from user to user but in broad terms, for insurers or MGAs, we need your underwriters and analysts to engage with us to get an understanding of how you want your system or product to work and to get the pricing and…

What will the impact on my staff be?

There’s no denying that switching platforms or embedding one from scratch is a big move. But we have decades of experience doing this, and we know where the pitfalls, the hurdles and the pain points are so we’re able to make it as painless as…

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